The method of shipping depends on your location but we generally use Loomis or Purolator Courier if they service your area. If we are shipping to a residential address then we will ship by Canada Post and will have the parts held at the nearest depot. A business address is the best place to ship to. We can ship to your work address or the shop that will be installing the parts for you. If you do want us to ship to your home address then you have to realize that there will be no insurance for damage and if you happen to step out for 5 minutes (or be in the bathroom) then the driver may leave without dropping it off and send it back to us.


If you don't have a business address then we can have Loomis or Purolator hold it at their depot and you can pick it up there. They will usually hold it for up to 5 days to make it easier to get and a lot of depots are open on the weekend. To find your local depot click here and add your location.



If your location is determined to be a remote location not serviced directly by Purolator Courier then you will be contacted with a shipping quote before we send your order out. If you feel the shipping is too expensive you can request a full refund.